Awards & Recognition for Faculty & Staff at University of Toronto

U of T values the contributions of faculty and staff.
We extend our appreciation through a variety of awards.

At the University of Toronto (U of T), we believe in a culture of recognition and show our appreciation to valuable faculty and staff through a variety of formal and informal recognition programs. These honours recognize achievement and celebrate service milestones.

What recognition means at U of T

Any word or deed towards making someone feel appreciated and valued for their contribution to the institution.

There are two types of recognition:

Formal recognition programs, which are structured with scheduled activities or events with specific criteria, are used to recognize team or individual contributions and accomplishments. For example, the Excellence Through Innovation Award celebrates the significant efforts of staff’s advancement of the University’s strategic objectives and provides an opportunity to share these best practices across the University.

Informal recognition acknowledges day-to-day accomplishments in the workplace through gestures of appreciation, communication and/or feedback. This type of recognition provides the foundation for formal recognition. The True Blue Award was designed to showcase and acknowledge our staff and faculty who are loyal and committed to making this University a great place to be. They are true-blue.

Why recognition is important

Recognition is an important because it:

  • Makes people feel valued
  • Fosters pride about being a part of U of T
  • Improves employee engagement and performance
  • Reinforces linkages between an individual’s contribution and organizational goals
  • Improves employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Supports the attraction and retention of people
  • Creates a culture of support and morale
  • Reinforces organizational values
  • Improves overall organizational success
  • Gives people a sense of ownership and belonging in their place of work