Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award

Since 2013, the Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award has recognized outstanding performance in the portfolios reporting into the Offices of the President, Vice-President & Provost, the Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidents, and the Office of the Governing Council. Each year the award recognizes staff members who have contributed to their Division or to the broader University in an exceptional way.

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Recipients of the 2019 Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award

Top Row Left to Right: Patrick Leo Brennan, Hayley Fuller, Marc Drouin
Bottom Row Left to Right: Vikram Chadalawada, Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Satpal R. McCaughey, Sue McGlashan

2019 Recipients

  • Patrick Leo Brennan, Senior Property Manager, Facilities & Services
  • Vikram Chadalawada, Manager, Student Information Systems, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • Marc Drouin, Director, Research Safety & Compliance, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Hayley Fuller, Communications & Change Manager, Human Resources & Equity
  • Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Director, Indigenous Initiatives, Office of the Vice-President & Provost
  • Satpal K. McCaughey, Manager, Volunteer Leadership & Engagement, Alumni Relations
  • Sue McGlashan, Information Security Architect, Information Security & Enterprise Architecture

About the Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award

This program acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of outstanding staff who are Confidential, Unionized, or Professional & Managerial at any level, specifically those who work in service of either the President’s Office, the Division of the Vice-President & Provost, a Vice-Presidential Division (where the Vice-President is a member of Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidents), or the Office of the Governing Council.

Each year, this award recognizes staff who contributed to their Division or to the broader University in one or more of the following ways. These accomplishments can be recent or demonstrated throughout the duration of their career.

  • Significant Contribution: an individual who made an outstanding contribution to their division or the broader University. This category is intended to recognize milestone accomplishments, such as an innovative initiative, a large project, or a substantial undertaking, which required remarkable effort, involved significant complexities, and/ or sets a standard upon which future initiatives will be modeled.
  • Sustained Service of Excellence: an individual, with exemplary service to the University, and who is held in high regard by their colleagues and peers in areas that are core to the University’s values including: excellence, service orientation, citizenship, professionalism, collegiality, integrity, and innovation.
  • Equity Champion: an individual who consistently demonstrates an emphasis on the fair and just inclusion of all members of the University community and is recognized as a leader in the promotion of those ideals throughout their work.
  • Inspirational Attitude: an individual who possesses an uplifting and encouraging demeanor that contributes to positive morale and inspires their peers to do the same. Someone whose presence on a team invigorates their colleagues to work harder, smarter, and more resiliently to achieve their goals.

The Nomination Process

Nominations are currently closed.

Any employee or supervisor can nominate colleagues from the eligible groups mentioned above. Nominations should describe in detail the specific contribution(s) that the staff member has made. Two supporting letters must be included with the nomination (one of which must be from the nominee’s current supervisor).

To submit a nomination for the SVP Award, please visit the True Blue Recognition Platform and use the link in the Recognition Centre. Using the online form, please include any applicable details regarding the nominee’s contribution(s) and insert the text from the two supporting letters into the applicable fields.

The selection committee, chaired by the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity and comprises of a minimum of three Vice-Presidents and / or their designates. Up to eight deserving employees, representing a broad range of employee groups and classifications, will be selected for the award.

Recognition is extremely important for our employees and ultimately drives the success of U of T. We encourage all staff members to submit a nomination. We look forward to receiving outstanding nominations.

For more information, please visit the Recognition and Engagement section of Human Resources & Equity’s website.

Should you have any questions about this program, please contact your HR Divisional Office.

Past Recipients